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Notes from our friends around the world

Here are few visitor’s comments on our services:

Introducing Israel…at its best!  Above and beyond anything imaginable—Moshe Malka’s true professionalism as a tour guide exceeded all expectations on this first trip to Israel.  Expert leadership skills graced with a personal touch offered us intentional yet relaxed stress-free experiences while visiting Israel with Moshe.  Ambitious daily schedules for a ten-day tour were only achievable by Moshe’s highly-organized and extremely punctual management skills, strong work ethic, and persistent determination to meet diverse needs and unpredictable challenges of a large cross-generational group. From the shores of Galilee to the spectacular heights of Masada—Moshe Malka truly made our first introduction to Israel like a personal visit every step of the way.

Touring Israel with Moshe will most definitely remain memorable for a lifetime.  Unfolding events chronologically, Moshe offers cohesive lessons crafted with great skill on both ancient and modern history delivered with solid biblical accuracy.  When you meet Moshe…he truly introduces you to the “real” Israel!   While bringing life and greater clarity to key facts about the Holy Land—what genuine osmosis you offer, Moshe!  Like a true gentlemen, you immersed us in the Israeli culture making us feel safe and cared for the entire tour.  At each destination you intrigued us with intricate details that magnify and illuminate biblical truth deeply invigorating one’s personal faith in God.  When asked the question, “What was your favorite part of the tour today?” one man responds, “Everything between 8 to 5 o’clock!”  A comment enthusiastically echoed daily by many while touring Israel with Moshe.

Many thanks, Moshe, for your personal touch and friendship while sharing your incredible talent as our Israeli tour guide always precise with brilliant insight full of heart, whit, grit and humor.  Exploring Israel with Moshe is touring Israel at its best well-blended with his extensive knowledge of historical, biblical, cultural, political and social significance which leaves you eagerly anticipating the return of your next personal visit.  Meeting Moshe…is meeting Israel.  This is the reason why we seek to trek our next tour of Israel with Moshe!

Stacey Allen, USA – March 2014


We traveled this summer to Israel as a family of four, with our 14 year old daughter and 11 year old son. Our family is of mixed heritage with one side of the family from Israel and the other from Northern India. I had traveled many summers as a child to Israel to visit family, but had not been back for over 30 years. My wife and two children had never been to Israel. We decided on a last minute whim to travel to Israel for 9 days during the hottest time of the year. It turned out to be one of the best trips we have taken as a family, and a major reason was Moshe Malka. I found him through friends, communicated with him via email and over the telephone before we arrived, and we planned our trip prior to arrival.

Moshe was instrumental in planning the trip and customizing it to our needs, but he was also very open and easy to making any changes, whether it was before or during the actual trip. Moshe was extremely knowledgeable on many topics, ranging from the ancient history to modern day history of Israel. He made it fun to learn for all of us, especially for my pre-teen and teenage children. We traveled around the country in his extremely comfortable minivan, keeping us cool and rested in between touring and sites. He took us not only to extremely interesting and exciting sites, but also to superb local eateries and shops. He assisted in securing excellent comfortable accommodations. He also planned fun stops for the adults and children, including visits to a shoe outlet, beautiful vistas of the Syrian and Lebanese borders, a chocolate factory, and rafting on the Jordan river. We all looked forward to the next day with Moshe and we all miss him dearly back here at home in the United States.

We will remember this trip for the rest of our lives and we look forward in returning to Israel in the near future, especially if Moshe is available to guide us again.

Eichbaum Family, USA – July 2012


I want to thank you again for guaranteeing that our family had an amazing trip to Israel and Jordan. We think of you every day and feel very grateful that we had you as our guide. You provided so much information, answered all of my stupid questions, arranged a renewal of our wedding vows and made sure that we were all comfortable. What more could we ask for? We also loved the stops off the beaten path, including the chocolate and date stores. We have gifted friends with our purchases and they are very happy

Plotkin Family, USA – July 2012

Dear Friend Moshe, a hearty shalom to you!

It’s now been over a month since we were with you for those memorable 10 days in the Holy Land. But our hearts continue to be full of gratitude to you for leading us again on such a rich experience.

We wish you every continued success as you introduce more and more people to the wonders of the land of Israel. Though my advancing age may preclude further hosting, I shall strongly recommend your excellent guide services to others hoping to host tours to Israel.

Wishing you and your family God’s very best

Pastor Jim Reese, Canada – May 2012


WOW! Another great trip! This one was exceptional….and it was made that way by you, Moshe! Our people were so excited every day of the tour and brought home so many wonderful memories that they cannot stop talking about all the good things you did for us! None of us will ever be the same in our walk with our Lord! Thank you! The accomodations were devine, the food was very good, the places we visited made the Bible come to life right before our eyes and the planning of the Itinerary was so professional….how do you do it! I could never say enough “thank you’s” to express my appreciation for your expertise knowledge and your thoughtfulness to every detail. Next year in Israel, indeed!

Marguerite Harrell, First Baptist Church, Valdosta, USA – April 2012


Moshe is an incredible guide! We just finished a 10 day tour with nearly 50 people on our bus, and there wasn’t a single time where he couldn’t answer our questions. He is extremely organized and very funny! We learned so much about Israel’s history and the Jewish people. I cannot imagine seeing Israel any other way than with Moshe.

Kelly Haas, USA – December 2011


We had a marvelous experience touring Israel with Moshe. His deep knowledge of Israel’s history, his thoughtful and intelligent commentary, and his energy and good humor, made our ten days in Israel a happy and deeply meaningful experience.

Michelle and David Rosenbaum, Phoenix, USA – July 2010


We all want to express our appreciation to you for our great Pesach trip to Israel. This is the fifth time our family has spent between eight to ten days with you and each time has been fantastic. You always come up with things we have not done or seen before. Our kids love spending time with you. On this trip we particularly enjoyed the horseback riding at Vered Hagalil, the Jordan river rafting, the Banyas hike and the visit to the De Karina chocolate factory. We always like the tours of the family friendly wineries (this year was Tishbi) and the Hula Valley bike riding was quite special. The Jerusalem activities were also great, especially the walk on top of the walls and the visit to Ir David. Thanks again!

Victor, Liz, Sophie, Orly and Kyla, NY, USA – April 2010


It is a pleasure to recommend our wonderful guide Moshe Malka. Moshe’s knowledge about Israel — its ancient and modern history, geology, and plants and animals — is extensive and impressive. He can make ruins come alive, and can discuss a site’s importance to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He is equally comfortable on an urban historical walk through Jerusalem or on a hiking trail in the Galilee or the desert. More importantly, we enjoy spending time with him. Moshe is a lovely person who can relate to people of all ages. We have used him as a guide many times over six years, and our four children all love him and enjoy listening to him and spending time with him.

Dina and Marshal Huebner, NY, USA – April 2010


I would like to say ‘thank you’ Moshe for being such an excellent guide on my last two tours of Israel. I am planning my 14th and look forward to your capable leadership and partnership once again. I am always amazed at your creativity in handling every request and the flexibility you show that guarantees everyone ‘memories’ for a lifetime. Your reputation is growing in Canada and now those travelling with me are asking if Moshe is our guide. I am delighted to say “yes”. You are the best!

Barry P. Boucher, D.Min. (Rev.)
The Life Centre, Ottawa, ON Canada


You first guided our 15-day Holy Land Group of 45 in Feb 2006 and since that time on we have been trying to get you back every time we have a group. But you are such in demand that we have not yet repeated your services. But you are so kind and resourceful to get us an alternate guide every time we need it. Moshe, you heard it from our clients personally. You are very articulate and speak English like a natural-born American and that’s why we can understand you easily. We are amazed with your knowledge of the Bible, the Torah and the Koran. You unselfishly shared your knowledge and wisdom concerning the Holy Land. Your servant-hearted attitude is beyond your call of duty and we appreciated it very much. You can be sure that you will get the first refusal for our future groups to the Holy Land.

With due respect and warm regards,

Billy & Flor Camota, Owners


Moshe is an awesome guide and friend to have in Israel.
He speaks multiple languages, is outstandingly punctual, reliable, responsible, resourceful, knowledgeable, friendly, and is always concerned with the safety and satisfaction of his tour group.
The two weeks that we spent with him felt like we were having a personal class in ancient civilization throughout Israel. He was very perceptive of our likes and spontaneously arranged special tours that made our experiences complete.
In my family’s case, we love his personal dedication and willingness to always help in any matters. He has selflessly assisted my children while in their independent visits to Israel with other groups, and in minor emergencies.
We are looking forward to our next trip. He is delightful company and makes us feel like family.

Eduardo and Sammi Ráez, San Antonio – Texas, USA
DrEdRaez@att.net, DrRaez36@gmail.com


Dear Moshe

Our trip to The Holy Land was truly “a trip of a lifetime”! You amazed us all by your knowledge of Biblical History and your presentation at each of the Holy Sights we visited was beyond our expectations! We also felt so safe and secure in your leadership…..and the accommodations were first class! Each person that journeyed on this trip last Spring will never forget the care to each and every detail you made….and they all send their love to you! We are looking forward to another exciting and spiritual visit next Spring! Once again, thank you for making our pilgrimage to The Holy Land very memorable….I could not imagine the tour with you!

Marguerite S. Harrell
Israel Tour Leader, First Baptist Church, Valdosta, Georgia 31601 USA


Thanks so much for giving me this wonderful traveling experience I can ever have! You are such a well-qualified guide to open up my mind to this Holy Land by giving me every detail I need to know this place. Besides, you are so excellent not only because of your knowledge but also your devotion to your mission of opening up this amazing place to the others. I just want to say you are excellent!

Chan Lai Ngor, New Territories, Hong Kong


Dear Moshe,

My family and I were with Rev. David Mainse’s tour of Israel and Egypt in mid-November 2008. I wanted to thank you personally for making our tour of Israel so memorable.

Moshe, you are an excellent guide. You are so knowledgeable about the history and culture of Israel, as well as the Bible. Your comments about how the topography influenced Biblical events and the current political situation were very interesting and I don’t think that any of us on the tour are going to be able to read articles about Israel or read the Bible without remembering what you said and what we saw.

My family and I also really appreciated your competence and patience. You kept our large group on time and on schedule so that we didn’t miss out on anything… not an easy task, I’m sure! In addition, you ensured that we got more than we were supposed to. For example, when people on the tour were disappointed that we didn’t have a chance to see the “Galilee Boat”, you changed the schedule so that we could see it. Thank you for being so flexible and kind!

Moshe, you were a very important part of our physical and spiritual journey through Israel. Our group was indeed fortunate to have you as our guide.

Rebecca Malhi, Calgary, Canada, November 2008


Dear Moshe,

As our Thanksgiving draws near we remember again the wonderful trip that we had with you as our guide in November of 2004 with the Benny Hinn group. We will always remember our bus 3. It was a grave disappointment that we could not return and take the wonderful trip that you had planned for us a year or so later, but Ronald’s health prevented us then, and at this time it is out of the question. It doesn’t seem possible that was 5 years ago.
We were impressed with the care you showed us old folks and the patience, humor, and knowledge of the country you showed everyone on the bus.

We surely enjoyed our time with you, and had hoped to be able to go back and explore more of the country and become acquainted with more of the people. A week only gave us a desire to see more.

Thank you, and at this Thanksgiving you are one more blessing that we have to be thankful for.

Ronald and Grace Webb
Baudette, Minnesota Across the river from Canada


Dear Moshe,

I was in Israel three times in 2007 and 2008 and had the great opportunity to have you as our tour guide. Two of the trips were about the “Holy Land” and one of them about modern Israel (when Israel celebrated its 60th anniversary). We were a group of 45 people from different towns with various ages and backgrounds, and with lots of questions about Israel .

The program, the places, the food and the weather were great :)) And you, our tour guide, were great too. I enjoyed that every time I could get to know more and more about Israel. You gave us the basic and important information about the country in an enjoyable style. And encouraged us to ask you more – and we did! In this way each of my tours were different and very interesting. We could understand the Bible’s stories, the life and the people of the Middle East much better.

Thank you Moshe, tours were really great fun!

Judit Horvath, Hungary


Moshe Shalom,

My first trip to Israel was in June 2008 when the country celebrated its 60th anniversary. Wonderful ten days! (So much I had to come again in the fall.). You were our guide then. I appreciate your patience and humor so much, and that you were walking with us in the museums and other places answering our many questions and like someone who just discovers the country with us. I’m so grateful that sometimes you forced us to go go go, so we didn’t fail a program and had the time to enjoy every place we visited.

Thank you Moshe! Next year in Jerusalem!

Eniko Szalay, Hungary


Dear Moshe,

Thank you very much for the tour we had together in September 2008. We really enjoyed hearing so much about this interesting country. Being there on Rosh Hashana was special. Thank you to get us to be a part of it a little bit through your stories and describing the holidays. We felt really lucky to have you as our tour guide. Indeed, every day was exciting and it was so good to hear so much about this wonderful land. I will never forget my first journey to Israel. Moshe, thanks again!

Best regards,

Eniko Kiss, Hungary


While in Israel with the Benny Hinn Tour earlier this month, I had the privilege to have Moshe Malka for our guide.

I felt compelled to write a letter on his behalf. Moshe did an excellent job. He is extremely knowledgeable and has excellent communication skills. He had a rapport with people of all ages on our bus of 44 people.

Moshe quickly earned a place in all of our hearts. He puts 110% into his work and was able to ensure that everyone had an experience of a lifetime. He was always willing to answer all of our many questions and offer assistance wherever necessary. We had so much fun with Moshe AND we learned so much about God’s beautiful country.

Upon my return to Israel I would seek his services again and work around his availability if necessary. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and any organization looking for a top notch guide! It will be a trip they will never forget.

Sherri E. Veit, USA, November 2004


I wanted to tell you that I was so impressed with your knowledge of history. It was a spectacular tour and I appreciate the wonderful effort that you gave us. Arielle and I both enjoyed the tour and I was so interested in all the history. I have a new perspective on Jerusalem now. Again, thank you for your wonderful tour

Karen Bressler, Boston, March 2000


Thanks so much for being our guide during my trip of a lifetime. I learned more than I ever thought possible, and now I have a lot of studying and reading to do.

Marge Reue, Texas, November 2000


We wanted to thank you for your part in making our trip to Israel such a wonderful and memorable one … Not only were you great company, but we feel so fortunate to have been able to experience and share your depth of knowledge about the country and your patience with our relaxed approach to touring is most appreciated.

Singer family, New York, June 1999


Moshe, I was very impressed. There is no doubt in my mind that you gave us what I could never have provided myself and allowed us to do an enormous amount of touring in a finite period of time. You presented our tour in a very thoughtful and meaningful way, reading from the Scripture and always including touching surprises such as playing music for dramatic entrance to Jerusalem. You were very kind and patient with us. You were helpful in providing information and guidelines.. You were our fearless leader and I felt very safe with you. While you never pushed too hard, you made sure you delivered all the necessary information at each site. We certainly enjoyed your company and found not only great guide but a good companion

Beatrice Seravello, New York, August 1999


My daughter hired your company to be our guide in the Holy Land. Moshe, you have made my trip a memorable one. You were interesting, knowledgeable, accommodating and patient. Through you I have learned so much about my Christian faith. You kept me interested throughout our eight days. I shall always remember this trip for the wonderful spirit of faith you have brought into my life. I would like to thank you for enlightening my life with the spirit of the Holy Land.

Dolores Seravello, New York, August 1999

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